Friday, May 29, 2009

He is growing up so fast!

This young man is 9 months old. He has 4 teeth and a few more coming in. He does so many things that make me think he is such a big boy.

He has been mobile for some time now using this frog/army crawl thing using a lot of his toe strength (it is great to watch especially with the grunts) but he has just been getting up on his knees these last few days. He also stands and shimmies along the couch.

He sleeps in the most awkward angles, it makes me laugh. You know when he is really tired when he crashes like this.

He loves posing for the camera already, well as long as you don't take a lot of pictures. He loves looking at himself in the screen saver photos. Very photogenic.

Tristan was playing around on the floor and talking but when I put on a hockey game, he stopped what he was doing to catch the score. He must be preparing himself for when Uncle Greg comes down to visit.


Dana said...

Melissa Tristan IS growing so fast!! He's the cutest thing! You've got some great pictures of him! Have you cut his hair yet?

sparktacus said...

That was the Capitals vs. Rangers conference quarter finals! Smart kid.

beth said...

oh heavens, that kid is so adorable--you need to take a video of him laughing

rach said...

He and Cora were having a head shaking contest today. Tristan Won! I love how he laughs at random things. He found a car today and was holding it and looking at it next thing I know he's just laughing at it. He sure is fun to have around.